Light Aircraft Pilot Licence

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The Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) is a non expring "lifetime" licence. 

The LAPL is ideal for people who want to fly for recreational purposes or who are unable to satisfy the more stringent medical requirements for a Private or Commercial Pilot Licence.

A LAPL(A) is only valid in UK FIR with restrictions on aircraft weight (maximum take off mass of two metric tonnes 2,000kg or less) and with no more than 3 passengers

Booker Aviation offer training for the LAPL (A) under UK approval , this allows the student to apply for a UK CAA FCL

The LAPL(A) does not fully comply with the ICAO standards of aircraft pilot licensing contained in the ICAO Annex 1 'Personnell Licensing'

The LAPL(A) is different to other licences types in that it does not have an aircraft class ratings with exoiry dates that need revalidation. They include priviliges built into the licence, so a LAPL(A) does not have SEP(LAND) rating with an expiry date, but will have stated SEP priviliges which the pilot must keep valid by ensuring at least a certain minimum amount of hours are flown. A LAPL(A) can however contain other (non aircraft )ratings e.g night and aerobatics.

Applicants for a LAPL(A) shall be at least 17 Years. A student pilot for  a LAPL (A) shall be at least 16 years of age before first solo flight.

Much like the PPL, we conduct training towards the LAPL on our Cessna 152s and Piper Warrior PA28s. 

Please give us a call on 01494 443737 to find out more or make a booking.

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