Single Engine CPL

About The Course 

The Commercial Pilot Licence will allow you to operate as Pilot-in-Command on Public Transport flights carrying passengers. The Skills Test is designed to simulate this aspect of the licence and also includes general handling skills which you will have learnt initially as part of your PPL(A) training. A much higher degree of piloting skill, accuracy and situational awareness is required and this is what the CPL course is designed to teach you.

The CPL course is designed to be a full-time course. At Booker Aviation, however, we offer a bespoke service and we are flexible with your requirements so that this course can be fitted around any other commitments. Whilst there is no official ground school requirement, you will be issued with study material which will assist you in passing the oral section of the CPL(A) Skills Test. The self-study requirement is best achieved at the airfield where you can get assistance from our instructors, and in general full-time students will progress and complete the course more efficiently than part-time students; however, we can tailor the course to suit your needs.

Whats Included 
  • 10 hours dual training Piper Warrior @ £321.5/hr
  • 5 hours dual training (Piper Arrow) @ £390/hr
  • Wycombe landing fees
  • Course notes & checklist
  • Ground briefings
Whats Not Included 
  • CPL Skills Test Fee (currently £924)
  • Solo aircraft hire for test (currently £340/hr)
  • The course requires that you conduct circuits at other airfields; therefore you should allow approx. £200 for away landing fees. This will vary depending on the airfields visited.
  • Student must have current membership in order to fly Booker Aviation aircraft (£190/yr)
Pre Course Requirements 

Minimum Requirements to Start:

  • 150 hours total time
  • 18 years of age
  • Hold a PPL(A)
  • CPL/ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Examinations completed

Minimum Requirements before flight test:

  • 200 hours total time
  • 100 hours PIC
  • 10 hours IF
  • Night Rating
  • 300nm Qualifying Cross-country
  • Class 1 Medical
Other Information 
  • A deposit of £250 is required on booking
  • Course duration approx 6 weeks (full-time)
  • This package is based on the student receiving a 10 hours credit due to them holding an Instrument Rating.
  • 15 hours is the minimum CPL training requirement laid down by the Competent Authority. Our package is based on this requirement, any additional hours required to achieve test standard will be charged at our current rates.
  • Flights are charged as airborne time plus 0.2hrs per flight
  • Candidates with insufficient experience on aircraft used for test may wish to carry out more of their training on the test aircraft. Please contact us for details.
  • This course may also be completed on our Diamond DA42 Twin Star as a Multi Engine CPL where desired, please contact us for details. 
  • Prices correct, October 2020, subject to change without notice. VAT included at 20%.

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Booker, Marlow
Bucks, SL7 3DP

Tel: 01494 443 737

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