Noise Abatement Zones

As well as providing a general forum for discussion, the JCC has established and monitors observance of NAZs. In establishing these zones the JCC has had to combine the restrictions of internationally agreed circuit procedures with the best interest of local inhabitants in the more populated areas around the airfield.

Having agreed to these routes, the aircraft operators endeavour to follow them as far as safely practicable. Monitoring is carried out by WDC to check compliance.

The management of the Air Park strives to ensure 100% compliance with NAZs. However, given that there is a continuous flow of trainee pilots and visitors, infringement by trainees or visitors may occur.

Occasional deviations from the noise abatement procedures may also occur for reasons of safety, under the guidance of Air Traffic Control.

The management of the Air Park and operators will deal with any infringement that is promptly brought to their attention.

Noise Abatement Procedures explained

There are 3 runway directions at Wycombe Air Park. The runway in use at any one time depends mainly upon the wind direction as aircraft generally take-off and land into the wind. The directions in most frequent use are runway 24 (when the wind is blowing from the west) and 06 (when the wind is blowing from the east). The NAZs have been established to prevent local aircraft from overflying populated areas when climbing after take-off using either of these runways.

It is important to remember that only one NAZ will be in operation at any one time. For example the NAZ over Sands is only in operation when runway 06 is in use.

Runway directions 06 and 24 are also used for glider towing, and in certain weather conditions aircraft on runway 06 have to cross the southern edge of the NAZ at Booker.

All aeroplanes under the control of the Wycombe Air Park Control Tower are subject to the active NAZ. However, other aircraft such as the large jets flying above 2,500 feet (above sea level) fly under the control of the London Area and Terminal Control Centre (LATCC) and are not in touch by radio with Wycombe Air Park, as they are not in its airspace.

Fixed-wing NAZs (in white)

Helicopter noise routes

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