Flying into WAP

The airfield operates without a dead-side to the circuit. Powered aircraft and glider traffic use opposing circuits on the duty runway.

Be prepared to join Downwind or base-leg as directed by Wycombe Tower on 126.555 Mhz. The usual pre-arrival reporting points are Princes Risborough from the North and Henley from the West. You can of course join from any direction but these landmarks will make ATC's instructions to you easier to follow.

The "Golden Ball" monument will also be seen part-way from Risborough to the airfield and this roughly marks the beginning of the Aerodrome Traffic Zone from the North.

There are very strict Noise Abatement Areas to be observed. The departing instructions can be easily dealt with on the ground whilst the arrival procedures will be given very clearly by ATC.

If you are offered an overhead join because the traffic is too busy please remember that there is no dead-side and thus the following procedure will have to be observed. Over-fly the airfield along the centreline of the runway in use at 1200 feet QFE. When overhead the mid-point of the duty runway, turn into the circuit and descend to 1000 feet before reaching the Downwind leg.

The rest is normal!

You should not be put off by these procedures as they are pretty easy once you've had a go and ATC are there to help; not to hinder!!

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