Runway 24- Right Hand Circuit - Fixed Wing

When runway 24 (right hand) is in use, except in emergencies or ATC instructions, avoid overflying the shaded area to the Western side of the airfield, at any height. This includes aircraft leaving the circuit and those setting course for navigational flights.

After crossing the airfield boundary, turn left of runway centre-line by about 10º to track towards a point halfway between Parmoor and Rockwell End hamlets (see map). Do not allow aircraft to drift to right during climb-out and be aware of gliders and glider tugs to left of climb-out track.

Make right turn to intercept marked crosswind leg ONLY during phase of flight marked on map by thicker black line (this will, in general, be after reaching circuit height of 1000 feet QFE). DO NOT make this turn BEFORE rectangular woods nor AFTER abeam Rockwell End farm (on left). Be careful to intercept marked crosswind leg (do not aim for Fingest) and do not drift right of track towards NA Zone. The marked crosswind leg is identified by a line joining SE corner of Fingest and LH side of "T"-shaped field (see map).

BEFORE reaching Fingest turn right onto Downwind leg, avoiding both NA Zone on right and Fingest on left.

Downwind, aircraft should be positioned so that Frieth and Lane End are on the right and the Golden Ball monument is way to the left of track.

Caution: Runway 24 circuit extends outside of the ATZ. Be aware of aircraft, which may not be in R/T contact with WAP, transitting along Hambleden Valley.

After landing, vacate and taxy between the grass and the hard runways, unless otherwise directed. Stop short of hard taxiway at BRAVO and request permission to cross both the active 24 grass runway and the glider landing area.

See the animated fly through of the 24 Right Hand Circuit on YouTube.

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