Instrument Rating Revalidation and Renewals

At Booker Aviation we have everything you need in order to Revalidate or Renew your Instrument Rating.

Our in-house Instrument Rating Examiner can conduct instrument rating checks for both revalidation and renewal. With our state-of-the-art DA42 simulator you can revalidate every other year on the simulator to help keep your costs to a minimum.



The administration action taken within the period of validity of a rating or certificate which allows the holder to continue to exercise the priviliges of a rating or certidficate for a further specified period consequent upon the fullfilment of specific requirements.


The administration action taken after a rating or certificate has lapsed for the purpoe of renewing the priviliges of the rating or certificate for a further specified period consequent upon the fullfilment of specific requirements.

Proficency Check

The demonstration of skill to revalidate or renew ratings, and including such oral examination as may be required. The proficiency schedule is contained in Appendix 9 to Commisiion Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011

Simulator Revalidation

Revalidate your Instrument Rating every other year using our Alsim DA42 simulator. This involves:

  • Simulator hire with an instructor for revision
  • Simulator hire for test
  • IR Revalidation Test Fee

Aircraft Revalidation/Renewa

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